Codex Talk

Huub Kessels – Maastricht

Based on the work exhibited during a presentation in our showroom led to the decision. The works are different, they are much more exclusive than a mere canvas portrait. The person who orders a codex, knows what it means and this makes it even more personal. As for me, this plus the special format and perfect realisation make it a very valued and personal work of art.

familieportret fam. Kessels - Maastricht

Caroline Welling – Maastricht

When I first laid eyes on the paintings Arthur (Codex Creations) made, I was impressed by the concept. I found the colours he used refreshing and was very intrigued by the meaning of the codes. The work of Arthur Willemse is colourful, original and refreshing. Every day again it is a joy when I look at it.


Mr. J.J.M. Heuvelmans – Lanaken

The work of Arthur Willemse is colorful, original and refreshing. I enjoy it every day.

Codex Creations 
Mr. J.J.M. Heuvelmans

Angelique en Hans Nuijten – Bergen op Zoom

We got a nice and personal painting for our wedding. What really appeals to both of us are the colors. The work has got a nice spot in the house. This work just makes us happy.

Codex Creations wedding gift