About Codex Creations

The name Codex Creations was derived from a communications code that was developed in 1835 by Samuel Morse (1791 ‒ 1872). Morse, who as a matter of fact was also a portrait painter, developed this code language with the aim to use it for long distance communications.

The artist Arthur Willemse has worked a couple of years for the Dutch Marine Corps and was inspired by Morse’s dots-and-stripes code. These dots-and-stripes have become the basis of a new and modern form of art called Codex Creations.

Please feel free to contact Arthur Willemse ‒ artist and creator of Codex Creations ‒ by phone or email for more information.

Arthur Willemse  | Codex Creations


Sign 4 Today!

01-01- 2018 t/m 31-12-2018  Kunst bij van Wijck – Maastricht / Wyck

Birth 4 art project 40×40 / Progress?

03-03-2018 t/m 03-06-2018  Gallery Tuur – Venlo

3D designs by Codex Creations

10-03-2017 t/m 19-03-2017 Gallery W. de Boer Durring TEFAF 2017

Schilderijen & Glas Codex

05-11-2016 t/m 23-02-2017 Gallery Serre – Maastricht

3D ontwerpen door Codex Creations

07-03-2016 t/m 03-10-2016 entree NH Hotel – Maastricht

Ontwerpen op print door Codex Creations

16-10-2015 t/m 03-08-2016 public Library Nuth

The New Codex
14-04 t/m 14-05-2015 Tapijn Kazerne, Maastricht

Opening pop-up gallery Codex Creations
15-06  t/m 01-10-2014 Maastricht

Expositie Codex Creations
05 t/m 25-04–2014 NH Hotel, Maastricht

Expositie “The New Codex” door Arthur Willemse
06 t/m 27-10-2013 Eijsden

Opening pop-up gallery Codex Creations
06-10-2013 Eijsden

Stokstraatkwartier Gecodexeerd
15 t/m 25-03-2012 Maastricht

25 t/m 28-08-2011 Maastricht

Play the codex
01 t/m 03-04-2011 Maastricht

Wyckerbrugstraat gecodexeerd
18 t/m 28-03-2011 Maastricht

(Ex)positie van een nieuwe crimineel
01-10-2010  Maastricht